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     Our majestic, twin peaked Mount Shasta rises gracefully to 14,162 ft. & is the center of attention to all lucky enough to travel to, "Upstate California."  From her peaks, runs water all the way to the Pacific Ocean under the Golden Gate Bridge.  The City of Mt. Shasta lies to the East of interstate 5, West of the mountain & is surrounded in National Forests. The Forest Service has a large headquarters & visitor center in this town of 3,612 residents.

     Around Mount Shasta, the land is abundant in crystal, clear air & pure water from springs, creeks, rivers, waterfalls & lakes.  Fishing is world class, gold mining is legendary & golf is available on 4 courses in the area.  Vigorous climbers choose to ascend the mountain's peak while others traverse the nearby Pacific Crest Trail.  White water rafting can also be found, mountain biking continues to be a favorite,  winter skiing is offered at the Mt. Shasta Ski & Board Park, snow shoeing & snow mobiling are still other ways to enjoy the snow. In the nearby Shasta Valley hot air balooning is quite a thrill & our local history can be discovered at the Sisson Museum 2 miles away. The surrounding area is truly an outdoor paradise.

     In the City limits, is Shastice Park with a playground, tennis courts, barbecue, horse shoe pit & an ice skating rink.  At City Park, a large spring is entitled the, "Headwaters of the Sacramento River," where there also is a gazebo, creek with trail, playground, tall trees & rustic buildings for special events.

     Mount Shasta has a long history of a spiritual nature. The Indian tribes, (Okwanuchu, Wintu, Shasta, Modoc & Achomawi) that encircled the mountain in years gone by all shared a common, creation story of how the world began.  The I Am Activity of the Saint Germaine Foundation was founded on our slopes & their August Ascension Play draws 100's of guests worldwide.

     The 4 towns of Dunsmuir, McCloud, Weed & Mt. Shasta all have major Christian denominations & the later is blessed with the Shasta Abbey; a Zen Buddhist Monastery.  Whether you are looking for a physical workout, a spiritual one, artistic inspiration, communing with nature or just simple relaxation, the Dream Inn awaits your visit.