Bedroom # 1



Bedrooms 2-5
Suites 1 & 2
Guests'  Comments

     You enter through the original, front door, restored with San Francisco, stain glass.  The living room to the right of the foyer has an antique piano, laced curtained windows, tables, a split couch & a reclining chair.  Wainscoting is prevalent in a variety of styles & each room has its unique, Victorian wallpaper.  Everywhere are antiques, many objects of art & a wide variety of books awaiting your enjoyment.

     Bedroom # 1, where you look through 6 foot tall, laced windows out to nearby Mt. Eddy, the front porch & the white, picket fence that surrounds the properties, has a cream colored, iron bed with a firm mattress.  On the dresser, is a HD/TV/DVD on cable.  Wedding proposals & a number of honeymoons have blessed this room.  A small wedding once graced our backyard in a flower setting next to the koi & goldfish ponds with lilies & iris.  The 9' 6" ceiling has a white crown molding & chair rail surrounded in pastel wallpaper.  The newly decorated,private bath has a large, claw foot tub & shower riser while soft towels await your use in colors to match the room's Victorian decor; well lit in sunshine with 5 windows facing NW.