Bedrooms #'s 2 to 5


Bedrooms 2-5
Suites 1 & 2
Guests'  Comments

     Bedroom # 2, which is shown above, to the right of the top of the stairs has a firm, queen size, rough hewn, pine bed made in nearby, mountainous Happy Camp.  Two bedside tables have Victorian lamps with homemade shades & the dresser is a family heirloom in oak, roughly 180 years old.

     Bedroom # 3 to the left of the top of the stairs has a set of firm, twin beds & an adjoining door to bedroom # 4.  These rooms have the option of being used together for small groups or families.  The beds have blue, floral, print comforters with white, brass headboards.  There is a small vanity & many children books.

     Bedroom # 4 has 2 walls of wainscoting & 2 walls of white, floral Victorian wallpaper.  The firm, queen size bed has a brass headboard with a blue & light brown comforter.  The 2 light blue bedside tables have crystal lamps & there is a small closet.  This room has the only HD/TV/DVD on cable upstairs.

     Bedroom # 5 is our most exotic bedroom with Asian accents.  The walls are painted a soft green & the bed is surrounded by 2 bed side tables.  The softer, queen size bed has a light green, leather foot & headboard.  One corner offers a black, electric, massage chair for your further relaxation.  Wake refreshed with morning sunlight.

     Bedroom # 3

     Bedroom # 4

     Bedroom # 5