Guests' Comments

Bedrooms 2-5
Suites 1 & 2
Guests'  Comments

     "Well, we have spent another anniversary with you & as usual it has been wonderful!  I think we have spent 4 or 5 anniversaries at the Dream Inn & we will have wonderful memories of our 45th here.  Hope to return for many more.  Thank you David & Lonna."      Tahoe Vista, CA

     "I enjoyed my 3 days here at the Dream Inn, exploring the area.  I really like the history & spirit of this place as well as David & Lonna's hospitality.  Life is good!"     Sacramento, CA

     "Very, very nice stay in your pretty house.  Wonderful breakfast & interesting talking to David.  We will not forget your Dream Inn!  Thanks for it, Lonna & David."     Germany

     "We were about to leave on the 26th but came back & stayed one more night!  What a "Shasta Magic!"  Thanks for everything & see you again."     Japan

     "My little family & I are very grateful for your hospitality!  It was a wonderful stay!"     Denver, CO

     "Thank you for a lovely stay!  Mount Shasta has impressed us, even if we come from Norway with all the beautiful mountains.  I'll never forget about our walk to the waterfall, Lonna!  You have been so helpful!  Wonderful memories."     Norway

     "Another wonderous stay at my home away from home."     Georgia

     "Our gratitude for a peaceful night & a great breakfast!  We found you by "accident" after we rolled into town with no plans for a place to stay.  We are so glad you had room!  We'd love to return to this special home in this special town.  The mountain watches & endures, seeing us come & go.  Thousand years pass in the blink of an eye & all that is eternal is felt in her/his heart.  I stand between heartbeats, marveling at the majesty of the earth."     Pennsylvania

     "Thank you for opening your lovely home to us with only minutes notice!  It is warm & charming, quiet, comfortable & inviting place to be.  Our cross-country skiing will be all the better for having been here.  We hope to return.  May God continue to bless you as you give the gift of hospitality."     Maryland

     "What a surprise to come into such a museum of a house.  We were delighted & enjoyed every minute.  Especially the breakfast conversation with a buddhist, one atheist & some faithful believers.  David & Lonna you will never be forgotten.  We wish you success."     Berkeley, CA

     "Thank you for your lovely kind hospitality; we'll be back!"     England

     "It's not, "just like home", it's better than home!  Thanks for the exceptional bed & breakfast experience.  We've enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!"      Manhattan Beach, CA

     "Thank you for a gracious, luxurious end to a week of backpacking.  We loved the comfortable bed, thick towels & great breakfast.  Yours in gratitude."     Chapel Hill, North Carolina