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     Many of our guests live in the urban areas of the world.  Often recreation is simply sitting on the back patio watching the birds & squirrels.  Others choose the 2 front porch swings to sip wine, read a book or watch the world go by on the city's back street.  After a few days rest, a certain restfulness is obvious.  Most travelers venture into the town of Mt. Shasta with its peaceful parks, fine restaurants, shops & bookstores.  The local library is 3 blocks away & just a bit further is the town's "Sisson Museum" along side the state's first fish hatchery.

     The majesty of twin peaked, 14,162 ft. Mount Shasta is the highlight of attention.  From town begins the, "Everitt Memorial Highway," to the magnificent Panther Meadows at the 8,000 ft. elevation.  Another extremely beautiful meadow is Squaw Meadow about a 5 mile hike, roundtrip from the end of the road.  An ascension to the summit is a full day hike for the well fit.  With many springs, streams, lakes & waterfalls in the surrounding National Forests; artist, fishermen, & all lovers of nature are much inspired.  One only needs to turn on the tap to enjoy crystal, clear, untreated, spring water usually around a constant 45 degrees!

     Mt. Shasta City is roughly 60 miles south of Medford, Oregon & roughly 60 miles north of Redding, California.  Downtown is about a mile east of Interstate 5.  To find your way to the Dream Inn at 326 Chestnut Street, take the second Mt. Shasta City exit, entitled "Central Mt. Shasta City, Exit # 738."  If you are coming from the south you will turn right; if you are coming from the north you will turn left & over the freeway.  Proceed up the hill through one traffic light, then over the railroad tracks, through another traffic light & then left on the next street, Chestnut.  Five doors down on the right side you'll first see our Victorian home next to the Spanish home.